Table of contents

  1. Keywords
  2. Main Entity
  3. Golden
  4. Communities
    1. Add existing community
    2. Add new community

This segment of the RO create/edit wizard allows the user to add additional metadata to the RO such as:


In order to add a keyword to the RO, the user clicks inside the box under the “Keywords” saying “Type to add” a list of existing keywords drops down. The user can select one or multiple keywords from the list. In case of new keywords which in any case are not present in the existing list of keywords, a create option appears once the user types in the new keyword allowing the user to create a new keyword. The user can create multiple new keywords and later add them to the RO from the list. The user can also remove any of the keywords from this box.

Main Entity

The user can select the main entity of the RO (e.g.CLI, dataset, document etc.) from a list of existing entities. Once the user clicks the box under the “Main Entity” a list of the existing entities available in the ROHUB portal drops down for the user to choose a suitable entity.


If the user wants to make the RO appear as a golden example in the homepage of the ROHUB portal, the checkbox saying “Golden” needs to be selected. Upon creation or modification the RO will appear in the golden example section in the main ROHUB homepage. If the user wishes to make the RO not appear a golden example he can unselect the “Golden” option and the RO will no longer appear in the ROHUB homepage.


From this section the user can add specific communities related to a RO. The user can either select these communities from the existing list available in the ROHUB platform or otherwise can create new research communities.

Add existing community

The user can add an existing community from the list that appears once clicked on the box beneath the “Add existing community” and saying “Type to add”. A list drops down and the user can select a suitable community related to the RO

Add new community

In case a community is not present in the existing list of the communities an user can create new ones. The user needs to click on “Add new community” and fill the form to create a new community. The form has the following fields:

  • Name: In this field the user needs to provide the name of the community he wants to add.
  • Description: This field requires a short description of the community. This field is required to create a new community.
  • Email: The user can provide email of the community if available. This is an optional field.
  • URL: The user can provide a URL of the community website if available. This is an optional field.

Upon completion of the form the user needs to click on “Add community” and the newly created community will be added in the list of the existing communities from where the user can add it to the RO.

Figure 1: Creating Tags in a RO