Research Object Completeness

Table of contents

  1. Completeness
  2. FAIRness

This section enable users to assess the quality of a research object according to some predefined quality criteria (e.g. completeness and FAIRness). In ROhub the Research Objects are formed keeping in mind the FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable) fundamental principles. This section interacts with the quality checklist service to showcase the desired results of RO quality on the basis of completeness and its alignment with the FAIR principles. Additionally, this section enables the RO monitoring tool to assess the RO quality history. From the category option the user can select the RO Completeness or the FAIRness of the Research Object. The various segments of this page is described as below.


The RO completeness bar shows the quality of the RO on the basis of this completeness in percentage, with minimum value being 0% and maximum value of 100%. The user can data and time of the last update of the RO and also logged in users can click the “Update” button to have a current assessment of the completeness of the RO. If an RO is 100% complete according to all of the set of conditions defined in the checklist then the “Target fully satisfies current checklist” will be checked on otherwise “Target does not satisfy current checklist” will be shown. The user can also add more conditions in the checklist for the purpose of completeness of a RO by clicking the “here” near the “Provide your own checklist”. The user can supply the URL of the file where the checklist is available and then the text for the checklist purpose. The “Filter conditions” holds the list of criteria for checking the quality of a research object. The user can select specific filter condition from the list or all criteria from the list to see the quality percentage in the status bar of the completeness segment.

Figure 1: RO Completeness section in ROHub portal