Create an RO Snapshot

To snapshot a RO the user has to access the evolution wizard from the toolbox in RO overview page. On clicking the “Evolution” the option to snapshot the RO is available for the user. On clicking the “Snapshot” option the user is transferred to the RO editing wizard. The figure below shows how to access the snapshot option from the evolution wizard in RO Overview.

Figure 1: Navigating to the snapshot option in evolution wizard of a RO

To snapshot a RO the user has to start from the “Basic information” segment in the snapshot evolution wizard.

  • Title and description fields of the basic information already contain the initial inputs of the original RO that is being snapshotted. Moreover in this wizard the basic information segment also contains some extra fields such as:
  • “Publication services”: This allows the user to choose from publication services like B2SHARE or ZENODO. If the user can also chooses “No needed” then the RO snapshot will be published on ROHUB.
  • “Create DOI”: On selecting this option a DOI will be generated for the RO snapshot automatically or the user can choose from a list of exisiting DOI from the ROHub portal.The user can complete the process of snapshotting the RO on clicking “Snapshot & Exit” or “Snapshot & Go to overview”. “Reset from’’ undo any changes in the form. During the snapshotting process a status bar appears and shows the user the status of the whole process. On completion the user is navigated to the Overview page of the snapshotted RO by default. The snapshotted RO is also visible in the ROHUB Explore page and in the MY ROS section.

Figure 2: Snapshotting a RO