Research Object Relations

Table of contents

  1. List of available RO relations
  2. Sorting RO relations
  3. Filter RO relation
  4. Listing RO relations by Date

This section of the ROHub portal visualises the semantic relations between two objects. This section is intended for advanced users. The users can see the relations between the resources where the first one must be the selected research object or an aggregated resource, while the second could also be an external resource. The relations page has the list of relations as the main segments and few additional functionalities to display the fetched results. The segments are described below.

List of available RO relations

The list shows the semantic relationship between two RO entities in the form of Subject → Property → Object. The subject (source) could be a research object or an aggregate resource of the RO and the Object (target) is an external resource linked with a semantic property.

Sorting RO relations

The user can sort the list of the relation depending on the Source or the target entities from this segment. On clicking the options of “Sort by” the user can choose either “Source” or “Target”.

Filter RO relation

The “Filter relations by” allows the user to see all the available relations by default. Additionally the user can also check from the list of the existing semantic properties to see the relations if available. The list of the existing properties drops down on clicking this filter.

Listing RO relations by Date

The “List by” allows the user to arrange the relation list according to ascending or descending order of the date of creation.

The figure below shows the RO relation page in the ROHub portal.

Figure 1: RO Relations