Integration with EGI Notebooks

ROHub integrates EGI Notebooks service, enabling users to open and execute their Jupyter Notebooks in EGI Notebooks directly from ROHub portal. In order to use this functionality the user needs to have an account with access to EGI Notebooks service and the user needs also to have an account and be logged in ROHub and the resource to be reproduced must have type “Jupyter Notebook”. When the user clicks on such resource in ROHub portal, independently if it’s an internal or external resource, the user can choose to go to the resource itself (download the notebook) or to open it in EGI Notebook, as depicted in the figure below. If the user opens the resource in EGI Notebook, the service will be launched and the user will be able to execute itas depicted in the below.

Figure 1: Opening a Jupyter Notebook in EGI Notebook from ROHub portal

Figure 2: Executing in EGI Notebook the Jupyter Notebook selected in ROHub