Table of contents

  1. Global Activity List
  2. Activity search filter

The “Activity” page can be accessed from the topmost menubar of the ROHUb portal. This section comprises the two sections:

Global Activity List

The global activity list is the one that summarizes and presents all the activities conducted by all users on all research objects available in ROHub. This list comprises mainly of the Date and time of the performed activity, activity event describing the type of activity (e.g. creation of a RO, addition of resources, addition of annotations etc.) and the name of the ROHub User who performed the activity (link of the user profile page). Additionally in case of activities involving annotations the user can download the annotation simply by clicking on the icon “Annotations”. There is also an option to sort the list on the basis os ascending or descending order of the date of creation of the annotations. The figure below shows the global activity list of the ROHub portal.

Figure 1: Global Activity List

Activity search filter

The “Filters” is present on the right-hand side of the page. This is the section where the user can add criteria to find the list of specific activities passed through the filter by the user for searching through the activities, including the activity type and resource type, research area and username of the responsible creator and the activity type. The filtering functionalities can be briefly described as follows:

  • In the “Research Areas” field once the user checks any of the area from the list the right side panel of the global activity list changes and shows the result according to the selected filter.
  • The “Creator” filter criteria allows the user to filter the ROs according to an existing username of the ROHub portal. Once the user starts to type or simply clicks on the field saying “Provide here searched value” the list of all the existing users appears for the user to choose an user and filter the activity list.
  • The “Resource Type” criteria allows the users to filter the activities based on the type of resources (e.g. Annotations, Resource, Folders or Research Objects). By default the ROHub portal shows the number of the respective Resource type for the user convenience. On selecting any of the filter values the activity list is fetched for the user.
  • The “Activity Type” filter criteria allows the users to further narrow down the search of the activities based on the type of activities the user is interested in. This could be the ROs created, added, deleted, cloned, updated, imported, snapshotted, archived or forked. The user can also reset the chosen filters on clicking the “Reset filters” options present on the top of the filter list.The figure below depicts the filters of the activity list.

Figure 2: Activity search filters list section