Research Object Enrichemnt

Table of contents

  1. Description text
  2. Mode

The Enrichment section of the RO represents the text mining and enrichment service of the ROhub platform. The service facilitates information extraction and semantic annotations, content-based retrieval and reccomendations and advanced analysis. This section takes the text from the description of the RO and performs some text mining and analysis. The RO enrichment can be described as below:

Description text

On the right side of the page the user can see the description body of the RO. The various modes of enrichment operations are to be done on this text.


The user can use various modes of text minig and analysis using the available RO enrichemnt services such as:

  • Topics: This mode allows the user to choose from the topic based text mining. The topics serach are based on knowledge graphs, IPTC Media Topics, field of reserach and NASA subjects and scope whcih the user can choose upon selecting the “Topic” mode. The list in the bottom will show the results of the mode as a visualization.

  • Key Elements: This mode allows the user to look for key elements in the descrition body. The key element mode allows the user to choose from various elements like Sentences, lemmas, phrases and concepts. The enrichemnt service shows the result of the serach in the section below with highlighted key elements in the description text and the list id arranged in the order of their score based on their number of appearance in the text body.

  • Entities: This mode allows the user to look for entitites like location and time reference avaialbale in the RO description.

The screenshot below shoes the Enrichemnt section of the RO.

Figure 1: RO Enrichment section in ROHub portal