Table of contents

  1. Landing page of ROHub
  2. Basic search by keyword
  3. Key ROHub statistics
  4. Featured research objects
  5. Recent activity

Landing page of ROHub

The homepage or landing page provides a general overview of the ROhub platform which includes a keyword search component from which the user can directly start finding research objects and creator information, a section for the featured research object where selective research objects (golden examples) can be featured based on their completeness and impact factor. The landing page also includes a section for the key statistics of the ROHub and a section with the recent activities showing the latest changes or events on the ROHub platform. The figure below depicts the partial view of the homepage of ROhub portal. The following subsections describes few of the basic components of the homepage of the ROhub portal.

Figure 1: Landing page of the ROHub platform

Basic search by keyword

This component enables users to find research objects by keywords, looking through all the metadata annotations available, e.g., title, description, creator, etc. The user can easily look for research objects or resources by providing any associated keyword and thereafter the user can look for the desired resources from the explore page.

Figure 2: Keyword search component

Key ROHub statistics

This section of the landing page shows the key statistics of the ROHub platform consisting of the number of research objects created with all the resources, total number of annotations, total number of users in the portal and the total number of resources in the portal.

Figure 3: Key statistics of the ROhub platform

This section presents the list of ROs that are promoted because of their quality (measured based on the RO compliance according to some specified criteria like completeness, impact etc.) or because of their popularity (e.g., golden examples) as depicted in figure below.

Figure 4: Featured research objects component

Recent activity

This section presents the latest three ROs that were created most recently, resources added to research objects, snapshots or archives or any recent activities on the ROs. By clicking on the “View” the user can go to the main RO overview page for detailed representation.

Figure 5: Recent activity component