Table of contents

  1. Uploading images locally
  2. Uploading images externally

The sketch gallery segment of the RO create/edit wizard allows the user to add/upload sketches to a RO and also holds the uploaded images as a resource. There are two ways the user can add images to a RO using the sketch gallery.

Uploading images locally

Uploading images locally from the user’s computer by clicking the “Upload” box and selecting the images, or simply by dragging and dropping files inside the upload box.

Figure 1: Internal uploading Sketch in RO creation

Uploading images externally

Users can also upload images externally by typing or pasting URLs. Once the “Add external image” window appears the user can type or paste the URL of the image and click the green button saying “Add external image.”

Figure 2: External uploading Sketch in RO creation

The images once uploaded are visible in the sketches gallery from where the user has also the possibility to remove any of the uploaded images.