ADAM platform

The ADAM platform exposes EO Data Cubes collections and products which can be described and aggregated in the Research Object. The ADAM platform has been integrated in the ROHub so that collections/products can be easily aggregated in RO from ROHub portal. During the process of aggregation the collection/product metadata from ADAM is added automatically as annotations of the resource created inside the RO using the RELIANCE RO-crate profile and vocabulary. In the ROHub portal, in the edition mode of the resources section the user can click on the add data cube resource icon, and in the dialog box that appears, the user can select from the dropdown list (or using autocomplete) the data cube collection and optionally the data cube product (inside that collection), and then add optionally other basic metadata (title, description, license, keywords), as depicted in the figure below.

Figure 1: Aggregation of Data Cube collections/products from ROHub portal

Data cubes collection/products aggregated in the Research Object can be opened directly in ADAM platform to visualise them on the 3D globe. When a user clicks on a data cube collection from ROHub, it will be opened in ADAM. And when the user clicks on a data cube product, the user can choose to go to the physical resource (download the geoTiff file by default), or open it in ADAM platform, as depicted in the figure

Figure 2: Opening a Data Cube product from ROHub portal

Figure 3: Visualization of a Data Cube product in ADAM platform