License & Funding

Table of contents

  1. Selecting an existing license
  2. Creating a new license
  3. Creating grant

From the License & Funding segment of the wizard the user can add licenses and funding information to a RO. The processes associated in this segment are discussed below.

Selecting an existing license

In order to add a license to the contents of the RO from the list of the existing licenses the user needs to click the field beneath “Licenses’’. Upon clicking the list of the existing licenses drop down. The user can select one of them to add the license information to the RO.

Figure 1: Selecting an existing license to a RO

Creating a new license

If the user wants to create his own license, a form opens on clicking the “create” alongside License. The form has the following fields:

  • Identifier: The user must provide a valid identifier in order to create the license.
  • Title: The title of the license is also a required field to be filled in order to create the license.
  • Description: The description of the license is optional.
  • Status: The user must select whether the license is of status active or retired.
  • URL: The user also must provide the URL of the license in this field. On completion of this form the user has to click “Add License” to add the license to the list of licenses from where the user can select and add it to the RO.

Figure 2: Creating a new license to a RO

Creating grant

There is a form in this segment that allows the user to provide information regarding the grant and the funding body. In the form the user has to provide the “Grant Identifier”, “Grant name”, “Grant Title”, “Funder DOI” and the “Funder name” in the respective fields. Thereafter clicking “Add funding” adds the information of funds to the RO.

Figure 3: Creating information about grant and funding to a RO