Integration with Zenodo and B2Share

From the ROHub portal the users are able to publish snapshots/archives of Research Objects in Zenodo and/or B2Share. From ROHub portal, the user can generate a snapshot/archive from the source Research Object overview page using the third button called “Evolution” in the toolbox (as depicted in the figure. Selecting any of the evolution options (fork, snapshot, archive) will open the RO creation wizard, customized to the state selected. In the case of snapshot/archive, the wizard gives the possibility to generate a DOI or provide an existing DOI, and/or to publish it in Zenodo/B2Share as shown in the figures below.

Figure 1: Evolution mechanisms from ROHub portal

Figure 2: Creating a snapshot from a Research Object from ROHub portal

For illustration the figures below show a Research Object published in Zenodo and subsequently follwoing similar process in order to share another Reserach Object in B2Share.

Figure 3: Research Object published in Zenodo

Figure 4: Research Object published in B2Share