Research Object Activity

Table of contents

  1. List of performed activities
  2. RO Activity filter
  3. Sort by date
  4. Show result
  5. Results

This section is a specialization of the global activity search page of the ROHub and only presents a list of activities done on the selected RO only (e.g., changes in the RO content, modification of resources, and their associated metadata, including comments) and quality (e.g., changes in the completeness, stability and reliability). The user can see the list containing the dates of creation of the activities, name of the activities as events and the user identity responsible for the activities. The user can sort the activities in a selected RO by date of creation (e.g. ascending or descending). There are filtering functionalities for the user to browse through the activities. Moreover the annotations present for each RO activities can also be downloaded on click. The various segments of the activity page are discussed below.

List of performed activities

This segment shows the user all the activities performed on the research object in a tabular format. The table contains the date, event and user columns. Date column specifies the date and time of the performed activity. Event column describes the activity such as addition of an annotation, adding a resource to the RO etc. User column specifies the name of the user who performed the activity. The user can download an annotation in RDF format on clicking the “annotation” from the Event column. Also in case of an activity event involving a resource the user gets transferred to the content section holding that particular resource on clicking. From the user column the user can also access the user profile of that person who performed that activity. At the bottom of the activity list there are the page navigation numbers, on clicking “Next” the user can navigate through the RO activities.

RO Activity filter

The activity filter lies on the top of the activity list and allows the user to filter the activities based on “Date”, “Events” and “Author”. On clicking the “Date” filter from the “Filter” list the activities get filtered based on the date of the performed activity. Using an Object filter the user can filter the activities involving objects like annotations or resources. The “User” filter allows to arrange the activities based on a performed user.

Sort by date

This function arranges the activity list according to ascending or descending order of the date and time of the performed activity.

Show result

From this segment the user can choose the number of results to be displayed per page ranging from 9 to 36


Here the user can see the total number of the available results in a particular research object.

Figure 1: RO Activity in ROHub portal