“About” Section of ROhub Portal

Table of contents

  1. What is ROHub?
  2. What is Research Object?
  3. Why using Research Object?
  4. Privacy Policy
  5. Terms of service
  6. Publications
  7. Team
  8. Contact

This section of the ROHub platform provides the user with the most basic information about the ROHub platform. The various sections of the about page can be navigated by the user from the left side panel of the “About” page. Each subsection opens a separate page once the user clicks on the sidebar options.The subsections are as follows:

What is ROHub?

This page includes a short introduction to the ROHub and the technical components of the portal backend and their orchestration. Here the user can read and understand the basic working principles of ROHub in an easy way targeted for all categories of users. The figure below shows the above-mentioned page.

Figure 1: ROHub details

What is Research Object?

This page provides information about the basic idea behind the concept of Research Object and its implementation in the ROHub platform. This page provides the schematic diagrams of the workflows associated in a research environment and its aggregation as a research object.

Figure 2: Research object information

Why using Research Object?

This section describes the basic idea behind using the Reserach Object approach in the ROhub portal. The figure describes the users more about the usage of the Research Objects.

Figure 2: Research object information

Privacy Policy

This section allows the user to know about the data protection policies followed in the ROHub platform to protect the user and also to ensure that the user gets the most reliable content available. The privacy policy page is depicted in the figure below.

Figure 3: Privacy policy of ROHub

Terms of service

This page explains the user and the stakeholders about the terms of service they should abide by while using the ROHub platform and its digital resources. The figure below shows the page of terms of service in ROHub portal.

Figure 4: Terms and Services for ROHub users


The publication sections show the information of the available publication regarding ROhub in well known platforms or conferences.

Figure 5: Publications on ROHub platform


This section holds the list of the current and the previous team members who worked on ROhub development as shown in the figure below.

Figure 6: Team of ROHub platform


Contact section where the user can find the contact details such as email id and telephone for support and also the address of the affiliated institution Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center.

Figure 7: Contact details for ROHub support